Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North featured columnist jclombardi presents Packers "great, good, bad & ugly" awards.


1.  RB Lacy—21 carries for 81 yards & 2 catches for 7 yards.

2. WR Nelson—7 catches for 62 yards & touchdown.

3. RG Sitton--solid performance with PFF grade +4.3.


1.  WR Cobb—2 catches for 51 yards.

2. DL Pickett—PFF run defense grade +2.6.

3. DL Boyd—PFF run defense grade +1.5.

4. DL Daniels—PFF run defense grade +1.0.


1. OTs Barclay & Bakhtiari—horrible games with respective PFF -4.7 & -4.1 grades. We hope their offseason conditioning will improve power & speed to meet their starting potential.

2. QB Rodgers--mixed performance with only 177 yards against a 49ers secondary without CBs Carlos Rogers or Eric Wright. The problem was due partly to awful protection from line allowing sacks from Ahmad Brooks (two), Aldon Smith (1½) and Ray McDonald (½) & inadequate fast start game plan coming up short too along with the defense.


1. HC McCarthy—again, for the 4th straight game against the 49ers playing at home, he got outcoached, outmuscled & outplayed by another motivated physical team, 49ers. His awful play calling from the opening series to the final offensive series led to the 49ers winning field goal inevitable scenario.

2. NT Raji—largely invisible throughout the game.

COMMENTARY: Honestly fans, we turned off the game when the Packers settled for the final field goal. We knew the 49ers would just drive down the field to kick the winning field goal. McCarthy does not get it. These days, the Manning West Coast Offense wins games with an adequate defense, although the ongoing season with consistent protection at the tackles must be resolved for the coming NFL 2014 season.

Further, Pickett noted, they simply did not make the big plays for turnovers & necesssary tackling. Also, they failed to containment for mobile QB. However, to lose 4 straight games to the 49ers, especially at Lambeau Field, is simply unacceptable. The good news was the improved defensive performance, although they did come up short in the end failing to stop the 49ers.

The Packers have serious needs at ILBs & pass rushing defensive ends, although this year was a good rookie crop with with performers CB Hyde (excluding his dropped pick at the beginning of the game-winning drive), DL Boyd, RB Lacy & OL Bakhtiari. For the fans, the Pack did win the NFC North Division and did make it to the playoffs.  However, all three issues raised in the past offseason need to be addressed to solve ongoing issues: Too Soft, Not Enough Talent Or Leadership?