Legendary senior writer & Packers lead blogger reports Packers rookies are making positive mpacts.

Photo credit: Jae Lee.

Fortunately, in the early 2012 season, the Packers rookies on their defense are coming along to make big early strong performances.  Fans saw these performances in the Texans game with defensive lineman Worthy and cornerback Hayward.  Several sources, including PFF, have noted their strong performances. PFF says [adapted]:

Casey Hayward--His numbers in this [Texan] game are flattered a little by a pick that was deflected into his waiting arms late in the game when T.J. Yates was throwing the ball for Houston, but his +3.6 grade does do him justice. The rookie was thrown at four times, allowed no catches, broke up a pass, picked off two of them, and likely would have broken up another ball had the receiver not been dropping it before he got there anyway. This is as close to a perfect performance in coverage as you will see from Hayward, and his first interception in particular looked like it came out of a technical manual for great coverage.

Meanwhile,in the Texans game, rookie defensive lineman Worthy had one sack and three tackles with a solid "no penalities" performance.  Further, the defensive line held up well without NT B. J. Raji against the strong Texans run offense offense.