Legendary senior writer jclombardi & Packers lead blogger presents CBS Sports recap of Packers loss to the laughable rebuilding Colts.

Photo credit: Evan Siegle GBPG.

Sunday, in the second half collapse leading to the loss, how bad were the Packers?  Read BM game summary:

They [Colts] never even try to hammer people, they can't stop teams when it matters and even a patchwork secondary such as the one thrown together by the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday no longer needs to live in fear of Aaron Rodgers. Ten months after reeling off 19 victories in a row, the big, bad Green Bay Packers no longer intimidate anyone, and they can't even protect a 21-3 halftime lead against a once-proud franchise starting over from scratch. 

The wholesale collapse concluded when Mason Crosby basically choked, wildly hooking a 51-yard attempt that would have forced overtime. It was fitting that the final indignity came from the foot of Crosby, one of the team's more dependable players. Some of the team's bell cows, from Rodgers to Jordy Nelson to Clay Matthews to Charles Woodson to Tramon Williams, either fizzled or didn't play to their standards, either.

CBS Sports.com grade: C-.  Six points in the second half for the Packers, who seemed to disappear after Cedric Benson suffered an injury. The defense was shredded by [rookie quarterback] Andrew Luck and [old WR] Reggie Wayne. Green Bay was up 21-3 at halftime on the road and coughed up a lead against an inferior team. That's unacceptable.

CBS Sports.com recap laughable headliner: "The Colts rally past the Packers in an emotional 30-27 victory without Coach Chuck Pagano....Andrew Luck's impressive comeback performance at Lucas Oil Stadium."