Legendary senior writer jclombardi reports that Packers rookie safety Jerron McMillian says that the NFL is screwing the Pack with bad calls and fines.

Photo credit: Brett Davis US Presswire.

COMMENTARY:In a shocking NFL news story about management and officials, rookie safety Jerron McMillian got fined $21000 for a hit on the elite NY Giants tight end Martellus Bennett in Sunday’s 38-10 loss? For the 3rd straight week, the NFL has fined a Packers player. Meanwhile, after hearing the wonderful news, McMillian said that he does not think that it is a coincidence that a Packers' players received a NFL fine for the 3rd straight week. McMillian added:

I think the NFL has got a hit out on us [America's team too long on top?]. We’re trying to play a physical football game, and it calls to be physical in this game of football. Just to have rules and regulations on to how and to where to hit a player, it’s hard. You want to go all out, you want to leave everything on the field, but that’s a little bit of an aspect of the game they’re trying to take away. They’re trying to take it away.

Now, fans, it is true that Packers players have said before that the NFL seems to take special interests in punishing them this season after all their success as America's team. However, we suggest that the Packers players may be right knowing human nature at the individual and organizational levels.  Last night, we were amused to read the NBA Spurs were fined by the commissioner for failing to play their senior stars against the Heat. Where'd they go?

The national politics and competition among professional sports teams, rivals, and organizations are always amusing inner "been there and seen that" sports stories with endless ESPN cliches. In the end, the NFL cares only about the elite owners' bottom line, elite city ratings, and elite sports markets.

COMMENTARY: CHIEFS TRAGEDY IN SPORTS NEWS.  As a relevant sidebar story, rookie safety Jerron McMillian (teammate at University of Maine) said about teammate Belcher:

I used to ask him questions about everything, and he always told me the funniest things. He laughed a lot but he was always serious about his work. He'll play with you, but when it's time to work, he's tuned in, he's focused, and he's really emotional about how he does things."

Sunday, the NFL and owners used the Chiefs players' tragedy in deadspin stories to motivate the players to play and win the game. We know that this culture cares only about money, sex, and sports politics. Meanwhile, in their hotel rooms entertaining "guests", they amusingly would laugh and quaintly saying, "Where is the Green Bay on the Fox River...Midwest? Where is that?"