Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North featured columnist jclombardi presents Packers news headlines.

1. Packers vs Steelers game final reviews. We suggest the insightful Rating the Packers vs Steelers; ReFo--Steelers @Packers; C/B Column--Flynn Struggles Again On Short Field; SE Game ReviewWe disagree with BM's blame to center EDS for the final seconds fiasco suggesting the inept coaching staff (especially playcalling, time management, and special teams issues) and NFL officials deserve the blame for this inept home game loss. Besides, the umpire did not signal center Dietrich-Smith to snap the ball until 3 seconds left. McCarthy is right to be upset with the bad officials in this loss.

Further, contrary to the laughable remarks by C/B, veteran QB Flynn will be the adequate backup to QB Rodgers in the future with continued offseason development. Who else is better? Also, in 2014 NFL season, all-purpose CB Hyde is the right choice to take over the weak safety position with the return of CB Hayward to play his slot coverage position.

2. Head Coach McCarthy does not want the weekly "Is QB Rodgers going to be medically cleared to play" theater to drag out for the entire week hoping for a quick decision.  We agree, although everybody knew Rodgers would not play again (if at all this season) from 7 or 8 weeks with this type of injury. Tuesday, QB Rodgers said the decision will come on Thursday. In the last 24 hours, Rodgers had a scan of his broken collarbone with the coming evaluations. “Comes down to is the bone healed or is there a large risk that’s too great that the organization wouldn’t want to put me out there,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “Mike and [General Manager] Ted [Thompson] and Doc and myself are all in the conversation.”

3. The laughable fluff Packers press are starting the predictable "blame the injuries" for this up-and-down 2013 Packers season stressing, "What could have been?" So far, thirty players missed a game (at least) due to an injury and accounted for 166 missed games (at a minimum) at the end of the regular season repeating the injuries seen in the 2010 and 2012 season. Yet, who cares as injuries are no excuse for winning in the NFL? Sunday, fate and luck have the Packers playing for the NFC North Division title against the Bears. Just win the game!

4. Again, OLB Clay Matthew reinjured his broken thumb meaning he may not play in the final big game against the Bears for the division title. Hmmm. We know Packers fans have a point suggesting legendary Packers QB Brett Favre would play with both a broken collarbone and a broken thumb to win this big game.

5. Again, McCarthy is right to complain about the inept NFL officials, especially the final 10 seconds of the Steelers' loss. The Packers might have a legitimate beef about the way the officials handled the entire game. The league is looking at the game, but of course nothing will come of it except talk about improvements.  Remember the "Failed Mary" Seattle loss?

6. Upon further review, ESPN looks at the hot issues from the the Steelers' loss including the turnovers, penalties, and let them score issues. As far as laughable comparisons between rookies Steelers RB Bell and Packers RB Lacy, it's a no-brainer. Packers RB Lacy will win the offensive rookie of the year award.

COMMENTARY: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Yes I'll be back next year!