Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North featured columnist jclombardi analyzes the first weeks of the 2014 Packers offseason.

COMMENTARY: Fans have our sincere regrets with what is going on. After the Packers predictably (for the 4th straight time) lost to the 49ers, we went a brief vacation from the stinch. Meanwhile, we watched the bloody awful fluff press news in the Packers press & blogosphere with their awful boring predictable offseason news and analysis. The coverage has been so awful with these examples of the boring nausating predictable headlines: Randall Cobb to appear in Broadway musical 'Rock of Ages'; Packers Evaluation and Report Cards; How the Green Bay Packers wooed me; What’s Quarless Worth?; Packers Free Agent Primer; Details of alleged rape in Louisiana involving Darren Sharper; Van Pelt is becoming the Packers new QB coach; 5 Seniors Packers should be watching; and on and on and on.

Thus, we refrained to be connected with the Packers indexes, until NFL Pro Bowl day. We rather focus upon the only relevant question and its answers, "Are The Packers Being Left Behind By The NFL elite."  In the coming weeks to 2014 NFL Draft and beyond, we will look at the headlines with in-depth analysis and commentary about the question and its answers including off-season moves for the Packers to rejoin the NFL elite. Stay tune fans. Go Pack!