Legendary senior writer jclombardi reports Seahawks blogger spotlighted replacement referees cost the loss for the Packers.

Photo credit: Kevin Casey Getty Images

COMMENTARY: Today, in amusing Packers news highlighted by a Seahawks blogger, they quoted the replacement referees admissions that their final ruling got called "wrong" & "threw gutter ball":

Also controversial was the fact that while Easley signaled a touchdown, back judge Derrick Rhone-Dunn was signaling for the clock to be stopped. Of course, there wasn’t any time left on the game clock, but that’s what Rhone-Dunn tried to do to call the play dead. “One official (Rhone-Dunn) was signaling time-out,” Perry Hudspeth, one of the NFL’s replacement officials who didn’t work the Seahawks-Packers game, told GQ of the now-infamous play. “When you have a close play and need a second or two to think about it, that’s always a good signal to give. Then the side judge (Easley) came in and immediately called it a touchdown. I think had they been more experienced, they would have talked to each other first.” That didn’t happen. Of course, there was such forceful blowback from the touchdown call that the NFL’s lockout with the regular officials ended just a few days later. The Seahawks-Packers game in Seattle was the last game this season to feature replacement refs.

Now, after the Seattle game fiasco and screw, we hoped that the rigged loss does not count the Packers getting the division crown. Who cares, we will beat the "Windy Carp" Chicago Bears. As far as the Seahawks, we will meet again.