Legendary senior writer, Packes lead blogger & NFC North columnist reports that Packes OLB Matthews, QB Rodgers, & center Saturday are NFL Pro Bowlers.

Photo credit: Mike De Sisti.

Clay Matthews' reaction: “It means a great deal to me to continue to maintain the success on a personal level year-in and year-out, but ultimately this is a testament to the team that we have. The players around me, the coaching staff, the personnel department, and everybody who is involved with allowing me to do the things I can do on the field and helping to put me in a position to excel.”

Aaron Rodgers' reaction: “It’s an honor to be voted in knowing that it’s a combination of the fans, my fellow players and the coaches. To be recognized by all of those people, it’s pretty special.”

Jeff Saturday's reaction:  “Obviously, it’s always an honor. Anytime you get to go to the Pro Bowl, it is an honor and you appreciate everyone, the players, coaches and fans that voted for you. As an offensive lineman, it is nice to get the award.”