Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger & NFC North featured columnist jclombardi reviews Packers vs Raiders preseason game & commentary.


1. QB Rodgers—9 completions for 139 yards & 2 touchdowns.

2. Ground Game—running back Lacy had 6 carries for 36 yards & touchdown. Running back Harris had 12 carries for 56 yards. Also, Harris had 2 receptions for 42 yards. Harris had 98 total yards.

3. Cornerback House—solid game with 4 tackles & 3 broken-up passes.


1. OLB Julius Pepper—impressive with 3 tackles & sack.

2. Rookie TE Rodgers--2 carries for 40 yards. Still, both tight ends need to improve their blocking skills.

3. Cornerback Rolle—5 tackles making impressive training camp showing for final roster over rookie CB Goodson who eventually may go to practice squad. 

4. WR Gillett—2 catches for 23 yards & brilliant touchdown.

5. Safety Richardson—3 tackles making strong case for final roster.

6. OT Sherrod—very good comeback game in pass protection & run game.


1. QB Tolzien—8 completions for 107 yards & touchdown.

2. TE Quarless—catch for 6 yards & touchdown.


1. WR Cobb—two dropped passes.

2. Offensive line—several had a rough game including LT Bakhtiari who got flagged &  allowed several pressures, center Tretter who got flagged, and G Sitton who allowed sack.

3. Safety Hyde—looked awful on Raiders’ first big running touchdown & muffed punt.


1.  Injury bug—NT B. J. Raji tore his bicep with fear it’s season ending.  


According to some laughable Packers sports bloggers & writers, Tolzien is “on equal footing with Flynn for backup job”, or Packers “preseason results mandate that Scott Tolzien be the team's backup quarterback” or “back-up QB battle between Flynn, Tolzien reaches homestretch” or “back-up QB battle raged on with Tolzien looking sharper than Flynn…game against Kansas City could essentially be Flynn & Tolzien Bowl.” Seriously? Fans may laugh out loud! Without Flynn, the 2013 Packers NFL season would have been disastrous!  Anyway, we agree with most fans and sports writers who know that veteran Flynn is the better “commander & gamer” backup quarterback. Ultimately, the Packers may have no choice except to keep both, since they need three quarterbacks to practice and QB Tolzien is not eligible for the practice squad. We shall see.


It was great to see former Packers WR James Jones & Safety Charles Woodson back in Lambeau Field hugging old teammates after the game. Great!