Legendary senior writer & Packers editor jclombardi presents Packers vs Redskins preview the matchups and game plan.


1. Packers young OTs Bakhtiari & Barclay vs. Redskins pass rushers OLBs Orakpo &  Kerrigan.

2. Packers stout run defense vs. Redskins QB RG3 & RB Morris with zone blocking and read option.

3. Packers secondary & LBs vs. Redskins QB RG3 & veteran WR Moss and TEs  Reed & Davis.

4. Packers rookie sensation RB Lacy vs. Redskins run defense.

5. Packers OLBs Perry & Matthews vs Redskins OTs Polumbus & Williams.


DEFENSE: Zone coverage with mixed man coverage along with strong blitz pressure against QB RG3.  Nickel and dime packages, if Redskins play safe RG3 and spread game out.

OFFENSE: No huddle offense, spread out defense, and burn their secondary.  Good muscle rushing game and play action to set up middle and vertical passing game.