Legendary senior writer, Packers lead blogger, & NFC North columnist jclombardi presents the Packers winning game plan against the 49ers.

Photo credit: Mike Wood.

WINNING GAME PLAN (WGP):  To beat the 49ers, the Packers offense must start off fast, build an early good lead, and let the defense then control the tempo of the game. All experts on ESPN and SCOUT agree that playoff veteran Packers QB Rodgers is the big factor for the Packers to get this playoff victory. Yet, several elements in the wgp must be executed for the Packers win.


  1. Rodgers can get better protection, especially from the tackles and the tight ends and running backs laying down blocks before running routes. With the winning game plan to help establish the pass protection, Rodgers must execute the no-huddle and/or shotgun formation along with quick decisions and throws plays.  Also, Rodgers must look for the initial open receivers in his progression checks, while he waits for the big play opportunities.
  2. Head Coach Mike McCarthy must execute non-predictable game plan using creative play calling that will employ screen plays, rolling play-actions, and quick throws. Specifically, McCarthy's must initially avoid progressing to deep patterns plays. Instead, he can use the mixture of screens, quick slot patterns, pocket movement passes, and intermediate patterns along with the potential shot plays and deeper patterns plays.
  3. The Packers must attack the 49ers secondary, especially their slot pass defenders, Carlos Rogers and Perrish Cox. In two games against the 49ers, the Rams thrived in the slot with more than 20 receptions by their receivers Danny Amendola and Chris Givens. The Packers must create the best mismatch with speedy reliable receivers in the slot to beat the 49ers. .
  4. If the 49ers try to control post-snap events using their safeties to take away the slants, Rodgers can look for mismatches on the boundaries with vertical shots to his speedy receivers. If not, he can check to running back Harris and fullback Kuhn.
  5. Finally, this elite receiving corps and running backs need to have a big game compared to many disappointing games in the previous playoff games when they had too many drops and ran too many bad routes.